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Alice Tinkerly (1)

Alice Tinkerly (1)

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[dostępne na terenie Polski od Stycznia 2013]

One unpainted model

Model comes unassembled, in two parts - body and hand.
Miniature cast in white metal.

Provided with a 30mm regular plastic wround base.

Created by Rafał Cyman


"So you’re saying, Mr Vendetta, that the Cleaner golem, which you’ve turned in for maintenance, isn’t working properly and you want to file a complaint? So it's not supposed to wipe dust and polish furniture? Just a moment, let me check my notes. Oh yes, I’d been repairing grandma Sweetbagle’s golemic butler at that time. I must’ve accidentally mixed up the runic plates... Right! That would explain that shootout in the Clairvale nursing home they wrote about in the papers today."


"I like golems. They’re much more logical and predictable than people. Do you know that a standard theater golem recognizes over ten thousand words? That’s several times more than your average Lyonesse cabby."


Not much is known about Alice Tinkerly’s past. One day she just appeared in the workshops of Windbog, casually fine-tuned a couple of steamobiles and straightaway became the favorite assistant of all the mechanics. When she built a functional golem out of parts found in the junkyard, the foremen joined forces in writing a letter of recommendation and sent Alice for a meeting to the Inventors Club. A couple of humiliated scientists later, miss Tinkerly became the youngest club member.

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