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Crate Heap #1 (1)Crate Heap #1 (1)Crate Heap #1 (1)
Crate Heap #1 (1)Crate Heap #1 (1)Crate Heap #1 (1)

Crate Heap #1 (1)

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Number: F00012

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One unpainted piece of crate heap.
Length: 27 cm / 11"
Width: 19 cm / 7"
Height: 8cm / 3,2"
This model have been made from high quality structure Hardfoam.
Hardfoam is lightweight,  durable and easy to cut with a knife or fretsaw.
Miniature only for scale.
Created by Jan Cieślicki
Review Author: Adam Brzostek Product rating: Product rating 5/5 Review date:: 01-06-2012
I always was against stereofoam, which I tried to use many times to build shelters and stuff like that. But this thing is something diffrent. Firstly it's hard and easy to reshape some sections if you like. Next thing is that is easy to paint it and glue something to it. But above all it's so detailed that you can just leave it like it is and enjoy having new building on your battlefield. I left it alone, painted it and now it is place for 40K miniatures and part of bigger diorama.

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