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Discworld Miniature MEGA set (49)

Discworld Miniature MEGA set (49)

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White metal 30mm Discworld minis.
Miniatures come unpainted and unassembled.
The set contains:
Discworld Death (1)
Discworld Esme Weatherwax (1)
Discworld Nanny Ogg (1)
Discworld Rincewind (1)
Discworld Samuel Vimes (1)
Discworld Luggage (1)
Discworld Susan Sto Helit (1)
Discworld Nobby (1)
Discworld Death with Guitar (1)
Discworld Cohen the Barbarian (1)
Discworld The Librarian (1)
Discworld Esme Weatherwax II (1)
Discworld Twoflower (1)
Discworld Otto Chriek (1)
Discworld Mustrum Ridcully (1)
Discworld Giamo Casanunda (1)
Discworld Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson (1)
Discworld Angua von Überwald (1)
Discworld Cheery Littlebottom (1)
Discworld Sergeant Fred Colon (1)
Discworld Foul Ole Ron and Gaspod (2)
Discworld Arnold Sideways (1)
Discworld Coffin Henry (1)
Discworld Duck Man (1)
Discworld Bursar (1)
Discworld Magrat on broom (1)
Discworld Nanny Ogg on broom (1)
Discworld Esme on broom (1)
Discworld Dibbler (1)
Discworld Death on motorcycle (1)
Discworld Moist von Lipwig (1)
Discworld Detritus (1)
Discworld Senior Wrangler (1)
Discworld Greebo (2)
Discworld Albert Malich (1)
Discworld Tolliver Groat (1)
Discworld Lord Downey (1)
Discworld Adora Belle (1)
Discworld Hog Death (1)
Discworld Elf Albert (1)
Discworld Ponder Stibbons (1)
Discworld Lady Sybil (1)
Discworld Errol (1)
Discworld Havelock Vetinari (1)
Discworld Moist Making Money (1)
Discworld Tiffany Aching (1)
Discworld Vimes with Dragon (1)
Discworld Dorfl (1)
Discworld Reg Shoe (1)


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