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Gigantic Golem (1)Gigantic Golem (1)Gigantic Golem (1)Gigantic Golem (1)
Gigantic Golem (1)Gigantic Golem (1)Gigantic Golem (1)Gigantic Golem (1)

Gigantic Golem (1)

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Number: W00096

EAN: 5900232350681

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One resin Giant Golem model made for Wolsung SSG. Kit contains 36 elements plus a resin base and 44 cards.

Gigantic Golem - Inventors Giant Hull

We’re thinking of the slogan “big is better.” This is a huge success the very first major project carried out by a design committee. You might say, without exaggeration, that each member had given a ittle piece of themselves to this monumental piece... The llegations that our gigantic golem behaves as if he had schizophrenia? Absolute nonsense, pure and simple. It just has to be understood that such a huge chassis needs to be managed by an entire shem cluster. Kind of a golemic steering committee, if you will.

The biggest, boldest and most breathtaking of the club’s projects did not have its public release yet. Tall enough to reach beyond the rooftops, the gigantic golem is the result of the collective work of all the club members. The modular design allows for virtually any configuration of equipment and control algorithms, making the golem a truly universal machine. That is the theory, anyway. We will learn the practice when the inventors finally decide to turn their masterpiece on, which is to happen soon. Because whatever could go wrong?

Actions 0, Move 4, Fight 3, Strength 5, Guns 2, Reflex 3, Wounds X.


Giant Hull: Heroic and Support Systems can be installed in this model and will use its profile for their Actions. They are still considered this model so for example need to remain in Control Range.

Golem: During its activation a Golem model must always remain within 12” of at least one friendly model with Scientist skill. This is called a Control Range. If a Golem model by any reason starts its activation over 12” from any friendly Scientist it must make Move Actions until it is within 12” of the closest friendly Scientist. If there are no friendly Scientists present on the battlefield all Golem models skip their activation. Golems have Fire Immunity. Golems are not living models.

Support System: Support Systems - Support Systems can be bought instead of Henchmen models and installed in the Giant. Support Systems are Gadgets. When a Support System is Activated or used by a Heroic System in it’s Action apply the Support System’s profile modifiers to the Giant’s profile for the duration of this Action.

80mm base,

Cannot be Toppled,

Puny Creatures!: This model may make any Action when in melee with models mounted on smaller bases, in particular it may leave melee with any Action without any test and shoot and cast spells while in melee, and it can never hit itself when shooting into melee.

Nexus [1], Technomagic: Model with Magic Ability [Technomagic] within 6” of this model gain +1 to Magic Ability.

Explode [15] - When all the installed Heroic Systems are destroyed, this model will Explode.

Created by Irek Zieliński

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