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Lady Ellendeanne (1)Lady Ellendeanne (1)
Lady Ellendeanne (1)Lady Ellendeanne (1)

Lady Ellendeanne (1)

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One unpainted model.
Model comes unassembled, in two parts.
Miniature cast in white metal.

Provided with a 30mm regular plastic wround base.

Created by Rafał Cyman

"What do you think you’re doing, young man?! Put down that death ray launcher this instant and stop aiming at Sir Zachary. If you want to have a shoot, kindly pick one of the golems that you dragged in with you."


"No self-respecting lady should leave the house without a solid umbrella. Personally, I prefer alchemically treated silk on a creidnallen frame. Protects brilliantly against sun, rain, saber strikes and small to medium caliber bullets."

Some say that for such a ludicrously rich aristocrat, Lady Petronella Ellendeanne spends too much time on the streets of Lyonesse, mingling with the commoners. Well, when one has hot-blooded Corioleans among their ancestors, one can allow herself any amount of eccentrics. The ability to call anyone to order with a single reproachful glance, be it a banker in Tintagel District, or a thug in the Bridgebank slums, comes in handy as well.

Lady Elledeanne spends her spare time on fashion design and leading self-defense courses for the ladies.


Rules pdf available here:

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