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Stephanie Seagull (1)

Stephanie Seagull (1)

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[dostępne na terenie Polski od Stycznia 2013]

One unpainted model.
Miniature cast in white metal.

Provided with a 30mm regular plastic wround base.

Created by Rafał Cyman

„Ooh la la. Such a big ogre with such a big revolver against a petite mademoiselle with such a small pistol... Let me just reach into my purse... (gunshot) Thankfully, I had something bigger, too. Tr?s bien!” 

“I have seen an airship torn to shreds by a Wotanian dragon. I have flown a frail wyvern into the very heart of a tempest. I have survived an air duel with the Black Baron. But nothing fills me with dread more than your butchering of the Aquitean accent. Such a crime I cannot overlook.” 


It is hard to believe than this slight, elegant half-elf with a charming Aquitean accent is quite possibly one of the most courageous women in the world. During the war, dressed as a man, she served in the first air battalion, was a wyvern test pilot, and a gunner aboard the airship “Liberté”. She is also the hero of the Battle of Alfheim and the first foreigner to be awarded the Titania Moon – the royal decoration given for valor in the face of the enemy. 

She currently lives in Lyonesse teaching Aquitean, the piano and precision shooting.

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