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Wandering Actor (1)

Wandering Actor (1)

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[dostępne na terenie Polski od Stycznia 2013]

One unpainted model.
Model comes unassembled, in two parts.
Miniature cast in white metal.

Provided with a 30mm regular plastic wround base.

Created by Rafał Cyman


“The fist mask signifies a young man, the second – a bearded man, third – a mighty warrior, fourth – a scholarly beardless warrior. You must learn to distinguish between them at first glance. Your life may depend on it.”

“A traditional Shangese proverb says: one who focuses on masks forgets that a face hides behind them.” 


The traditional Shangese opera from Zhonglung is an art with a centuries-old tradition – subtle, sophisticated and completely incomprehensible to an average citizen of Lyonesse. Only in the Shangese district do the actors enjoy their deserved popularity and fame. They can also be encountered outside of Pothill, although most passers-by treat them like common street musicians, or simply ignore.

This often turns out to be a serious mistake.

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