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Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish Rulebook - SECOND EDITION

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The Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish Game is a miniature combat game, where clubs of extraordinary ladies and gentlemen, as well as shadowy organizations and agents of obscure powers, solve their disputes by blade and gunshot rather than discussion. A Wolsung Skirmish game's outcome is decided by a cereful planning, keen eye, reflexes and a bit of luck.

The world is changing rapidly. The Great War has contributed to enormous advances in science and the emergence of
a new kind of magic - the Magic of Steam. Steamobiles zoom along the streets, gas lamps illuminate our houses, while pneumatic mail enables quick communication between any addresses in the city. Metropolises communicate via the crystalograph network. Magic has entered universities and schools, becoming a working tool of every educated person. Alchemists have moved out of cramped basements in favor of modern laboratories and factories. Golems are being utilized more and more extensively, and the brilliant minds of cabalists and numerologists have created the first mechanical calculating machines.

This book is a second edition of Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish Game Rulebook.

Inside you will find all the rules to start playing Wolsung SSG, including 3 Clubs of extraordinary Heroes and their chosen henchmen.

Changes from the first edition include: 3 new Heroes, one for each Club FAQ and Errata already included in the rules cleaner rules presentation Falling, Climbing and Jumping rules Advanced Scenarios refreshed Character Creation Rules and more.

Profile card for Wolsung SSG miniatures can be downloaded here: http://www.wolsung-ssg.microartstudio.com/cards

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