Would you like to enter our unique world full of steam and inventions?

Wolsung is a skirmish game set in a steampunk reality which is full of unique characters and personas. Are you worried about finding an army that will fit your playstyle? Fear not, because we have prepared 6 different fractions (Alven Yard, Ash and Oak, Inventors, The Scylla, Triad of Lotus Dragon, Ven Rier Agents), each with unique mechanics.

Accessories, miniatures, playmats, terrain, acrylic tokens – Micro Art Studio has it all.

Here at MAS, we can offer you a variety of well-made accessories and acrylic tokens for games like Warhammer, INFINITY, X-Wing, Star Wars Legion, Bolt Action or Wolsung. We are also a producer of resin bases for various tabletop gaming systems. Our goal is to provide you with the wargaming scenery. Our terrain pieces are made by gamers and have hours of testing and designing behind them. Are you looking for something that will spice up your games? Then you came to the right place.