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Inventors - Thomas Rockheart Jr.

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Resin steampunk Wolsung miniature 28mm unpainted Inventors Hero Dwarf

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28 mm scale high quality metal cast miniature from Wolsung World.
Miniature supplied unpainted. May require preparation and assembly. Provided with a 30mm regular plastic wround base and characteristics card.

Created by Krysa Project

Thomas Rockheart Jr is the president of Rokheart & Rockheart Automatonics, which, after the recent merger with Wotanian Steinfaust Kohl und Eisen, became one of the biggest corporations on the islands. The ambitious dwarf practically never leaves the design office in Blackstone, where he personally tests all the prototypes getting prepared for production.

Mr Rockheart smokes like a chimney, firmly believes in his own indestructibility, and has probably never even heard of health and safety protocols.

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