Command Panel NA2

39,95 €

Laser cut printed graphic magnetic acrylic accesory for cyberpunk Infinity sci-fi wargames


Command Panel is a lightweight and compact accessory designed for Infinity the Game by Corvus Belli. It is a perfect solution to keep control of your orders every turn and have all of the most needed state tokens at hand at all times. It’s also pretty useful to keep track of your opponent's orders during your reactive turn. And it doesn’t take much space on the side of a table or in your pocket!

The UV-printed steel plate - the core of the Panel - enables to keep the markers/tokens in place, as far as you magnetize them. You don’t have to worry about orders spending themselves because of random bumps or nudges. You can also have any combination of additional markers/tokens on the back of your Panel to suit your list, all of them ready for use, safe and secured. And Corvus Belli let us use some of their amazing artworks for Infinity's main factions. Because they’re the best!

Width: 9cm / 3,54 inch
Length: 17,5cm / 6,89 inch
Thickness: 7mm / 0,27 inch

Supplied assembled and ready to play! Tokens and/or magnets not included.

Made in Poland by Micro Art Studio

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