Infinity Tournament Tray Custom

54,95 €

Laser cut printed graphic magnetic acrylic accesory for cyberpunk Infinity sci-fi wargames


The Infinity Tournament Tray is a lightweight and compact accessory designed to carry your stuff around with style!

The UV-printed steel plate - the core of the tray - enables keeping the miniatures/markers/tokens/etc. in place, safe and secured (as far as you magnetize them). You don’t have to worry about items spending themselves because of random bumps or nudges.

And Corvus Belli let us use some of their amazing artworks for Infinity's main factions. Because they’re the best!

Length: 28,5cm / 11,22 inch
Width: 18,3cm / 7,2 inch
Thickness: 6mm / 0,23 inch

Supplied assembled and ready to play! Miniatures, tokens and/or magnets not included. The tray's frame may be protected with white foil - please remove it gently.

Made in Poland by Micro Art Studio

YOUR LOGO requirements: jpg/png file / approx. 1930x3000 / 300dpi

Please place the order for the Infinity Tournament Tray Custom product and then send the logo along with your order number directly to:

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